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Bringing contemporary music and avant-garde closer to an audience and explaining it through transparency is the aim of the new Sinn-Phonietta. The ensemble was founded in 2020 by the clarinettist Kymia Kermani and trumpeter Sønke Klegin. The Sinn-Phonietta is generously supported by Stiftung Niedersachsen, NDR Musikförderung, Musikfonds, Klosterkammer Hanover, MWK Niedersachsen Dreht Auf, Lüneburgisches Landschaftsverband, Sparkasse Soltau and Stiftung Braunschweigischer Kulturbesitz. The orchestra plays in the extended chamber instrumentation required by the composers, whereby usually between 15 and 18 instruments are noted in the score. This means that although the ensemble is larger than a chamber orchestra, it is still far from a symphony orchestra. The ensemble consists of renowned young, mostly freelance artists from the Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony area, who have extensive experience in the international world of major orchestra’s, opera houses and festivals. Each member has a special connection to the modern music scene, is highly professional on his instrument and everyone really wants to perform the not yet sufficiently appreciated fantastic works in many concerts. The musicians of the ‘Sinn-Phonietta’ are highly motivated to face the challenges of the detailed scores as well as to bring them closer to an inclined audience.

In 2021, the ensemble played four concerts in Hamburg and Lower Saxony and two student concerts with the program “Kammersymphonie Reloaded, Blick aus der Zukunft”, which included works by Schoenberg, Adams, Supponen and a world premiere by Damian Scholl. In September 2022, the ensemble presented the program “The Sun of Tabriz” to several school classes in northern Germany, which merges Persian poetry with contemporary music.

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